Friday, September 28, 2012

johnny lewis death sons of anarchy actor

johnny lewis death sons of anarchy actor

- thursday ( sept. 27 ) actor johnny lewis, who played kip half-sack epps on sons of anarchy, has died beneath rather strange circumstances within the la space. he was found within the driveway of the home and within was an older lady who was conjointly deceased. police suspected lewis within the death on your girl before he fell or jumped out to his death direct from roof on your house.

currently law enforcement sources tell tmz that lewis had been released from jail simply six days previous out to his death, with many criminal charges filed against him, though the details on your charges are being withheld at this point. the actor was conjointly recently in rehab. in another sad detail, the 81-year-old girl, believed out to be lewis landlady, conjointly enjoyed a cat or a found dead for the scene and of course the home was ransacked. lewis is likewise suspected within the death on your cat. the police believe lewis was either on pcp or meth for the time on your crimes.

2 witnesses who fought with lewis before he climbed into the roof say he was exhibiting superhuman strength. kurt sutter, creator of sons of anarchy, has released a statement : unsure if folks recognize this however, other then johnny lewis ( halfsack ) died last night. the sad irony of them happening 2 days once opies death isn't lost on me. finally it was a tragic finish to have an extremely talented guy, who unfortunately had lost his method. i wish i might state that having been shocked via the events last night, other then having been not. i'm deeply sorry that an innocent life had out to be thrown into his destructive path. yes, its day or mourning, other then its conjointly each day of awareness and gratitude. sadly, a few of persons carry text by dying.

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